Motivation at work

Here are 5+1 tips to help you get your motivation back.

  1. Take regular breaksRemember to take breaks from time to time. Regular, active breaks can help refresh your brain and break the monotony. Go for a short walk, get up from your chair, stretch a bit to get your body moving and get some fresh oxygen to your brain.
  2. Recognise when you’re at your most activeNotice the times when you’re most productive and time your most important tasks around those times. This will help you harness your energy and motivation more effectively.
  3. Reward yourself for completing tasksRewards are an important part of motivation. If you manage to complete a task, give yourself a reward. This can be anything that makes you happy, such as a break, a nice snack, or some free time to do things you like
  4. Make a daily planTime management and setting small goals are key to motivation. Make a plan for your day and decide when and what tasks you will do. Planning helps you to work in a structured and efficient way and can ensure that at the end of the day you feel satisfied with your achievements.
  5. Be flexible and adaptableLife is always changing and not everything always goes as smoothly as planned. It is important to be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances and challenges. If a certain method or approach is not working, don’t hesitate to change and look for new solutions.

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