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If you’re a business leader looking for effective solutions to manage staff shortages and optimise business processes, you’ve come to the right place.

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Moson HR - munkaerő kölcsönzés, közvetítés

A balanced business process

Moson HR is not just a staffing agency, we are your partner for effective human resource management. Our tasks include the recruitment, selection, logistics and placement of your workforce without you having to worry about it. We take this burden off your shoulders so you can concentrate on other areas of your business.

A professional and dedicated team

The Moson HR team is not just experts, but professionals who are committed to the success of your business. We work proactively and accurately to provide the simplest and quickest solution to your company's staff shortage problems.

We work with a win win approach

Win for your company

We ensure a balanced, continuous and smooth business. We take care of HR management and the responsibilities that go with it. This saves you a lot of time.

Win for the employee

We support the employees we employ with fair remuneration, quality working conditions, empathetic treatment, cultural accommodation and travel.

Win with Moson HR

We strengthen our company through fruitful working relationships, which allow us to improve our services.

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