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Moson HR Ltd.

Welcome to the world of Moson HR Temporary Employment Agency, where commitment, expertise and efficiency meet. Our company started in 2010 in the field of temporary employment and in 2015 we founded Moson HR Kft., which has become one of the leading temporary employment agencies and recruitment agencies in Hungary.

Our company provides high quality services and strives to satisfy both our clients and our employees. We believe that a balanced and effective business relationship is the key to success, and we work hard to find solutions to your company’s challenges.

The Moson HR team is characterised by a youthful drive, a solution-oriented approach and professional dedication. Our expert colleagues proactively manage employee and partner issues and ensure continuity of staffing even in the most unexpected situations.

Our company is active on a national level and pays special attention to the introduction of Ukrainian as well as domestic workforce.

We support the integration of new talent through training programmes, accommodation, payroll, recruitment and simplified employment.

Moson HR is committed to balanced business, precision and the integration of cross-border labour. With many years of professional experience, our dedicated professionals have the combined aim of providing a rapid but long-term solution to the increasingly acute labour shortages in the manufacturing sector. By working with us, you are choosing not just a recruitment agency, but a trusted partner working for your success and sustainable growth.

We are proud to have been awarded an AA+ rating by CompanyWall Ratings. The AA+ rating is the highest rating awarded by CompanyWall Ratings only to companies that have been in business for a long time, have a solid track record, have never had a blocked bank account and settle their liabilities on time.

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