About us

“We had to adapt quickly to increased customer demand and increase our capacity, and to do this we needed a reliable partner who could provide skilled workers at short notice.

Good communication and professional screening were important in the selection of employees, which Moson HR fulfilled to the full and delivered a professionally outstanding performance in the field of temporary staffing. They are open to improvements and react quickly to changes, which is why they are able to meet market expectations.”

Rába Járműalkatrész Kft.

The labour market situation in 2017 has made it increasingly urgent for us to find solutions to recruit productive workers. It was becoming increasingly difficult, almost impossible, to meet our staffing needs with candidates from Hungary, despite the fact that our wages were well-conditioned compared to those of our neighbouring companies.

For years, we have been employing Hungarian-speaking workers from outside the country, but this is no longer sufficient to meet customer orders safely and on time.

We have found a solution by employing workers from third countries. Of course, it was not an easy start, it was an extra task for almost every department of the company, apart from HR, to prepare for the reception of non-Hungarian speaking employees in all respects, but we know now that it was a very good decision! Their integration went more smoothly than expected.

Those already working with us quickly noticed that the workers from Ukraine are hard-working, with a strong desire to prove themselves. Communication difficulties are overcome by using “priority” interpreters among our employees. Recruitment and obtaining work permits abroad is handled by Moson’s HR team, so it is not an extra burden compared to the past. We now work with more than three hundred third-country nationals.

Almost 8 months of experience show that employees are motivated and turnover is lower, so we are sure to benefit from this opportunity in the long term.”

Veritas Kft.

“We contacted Moson HR Ltd. in March 2018. Due to the severe labour shortage on the labour market, it became necessary to recruit colleagues from beyond the Hungarian borders. The selection process and the conclusion of the contract were completed within 4 weeks, thanks to the speed and flexibility of Moson HR Kft.

The first team of potential employees arrived on 07.05.2018 with the required 45 people, many of whom passed the recruitment test with over 90%. Of the mediated workers, many speak Hungarian, but the Moson HR team provided them with an interpreter.

Their accommodation and travel was handled by Moson HR, so they also took the burden off our shoulders. From 07-08 2018, we indicated our need for another 45 people, who were fortunately recruited by Moson HR within a few weeks. We currently employ 95 expatriates, without a hitch. So far, any problems that have arisen have been solved within a short time. We have a good business relationship with them and everything has been/is going according to the contract. The team is reliable, they communicate well. We are satisfied with both the Moson HR team and their work.”

Harman becker kft.